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B.K. Srivastava is working as an Aviation Consultant in the field of Airport Survey (Obstacle Survey and Topographical Survey) and Aeronautical Cartography as well as in Planning of Airports/ Heliports. He retired in July 2006 as a General Manager (Cartography) from the Airports Authority of India, New Delhi after having put in 37 years of service as Air Traffic Controller, Aircraft Accident Investigator, Airport In-charge (Airport Director) of both Domestic and International Airports in India. 

Out of the above he has got about 20 years of exclusive experience in Aviation Survey and Cartography, and surveyed almost all the operational Civil airports in India.

Bimal Kumar Srivastava (Born on 9th July 1946 at Balrampur, U.P., INDIA) is a 1968 B.Tech. degree holder in Electrical Engineering from IIT, Kanpur, and is having specialization in Aeronautical Engineering in Aircraft Navigation & Operations Group, and also in Avionics Group from the Aeronautical society of India.

Mr. Srivastava, who has got about 41 years of aviation experience to his credit, began his career in Civil Aviation Department (Govt. of India) in 1970 as Assistant Aerodrome Officer and worked at Mumbai Airport in Air Traffic Controls for about seven years. Thereafter, he joined there as Air Safety Officer (Engineering), and hence was associated with a number of cases of aircraft accident investigations including the crash of Kanishka aircraft of Air India in June 1985. Subsequently, he worked as Deputy Director (Cartography) at the Headquarters of Airports Authority of India, New Delhi. Mr. Srivastava then moved to work as Airport Director at Guwahati, Pune, and Hyderabad Airports. He retired in July 2006 from the Corporate Headquarters of Airports Authority of India, New Delhi, as General Manager (Cartography).

Mr. Srivastava has written a number of books on aviation in Hindi and English. He has also written more than 700 articles so far on Science, Aviation, Environment, Tourism and other topics, which are regularly appearing in various Hindi and English journals & magazines and in different newspapers.
Mr. Srivastava has received a number of awards on his books. In 2006, he received two such awards from Ministry of Tourism and Dr. M.N. Saha award of Rs. One Lac from the Min of Science and Technoloy. Three of his books in Hindi on topics of ‘Bird Hazard to Aviation' (Pakshi Aur Viman Durghatnaye),‘Air Safety' (Viman Suraksha) and ‘Airport Planning' (Adhunik Hawai Adde Aur Unki Nirman Yojna) have already received the ‘Indira Gandhi Rajya Bhasha Awards' from the President of India. His book in English entitled ‘Aviation Terrorism' is one of the most sought books in the field of Aviation. He has also contributed a chapter entitled “WGS-84” for the book “GPS”.

Mr. Srivastava is an Aviation Consultant and offers his services in Planning of Airports & Heliports. He also provides consultancy in
in the field of Obstacle Survey and preparation of Aeronautical Charts. 
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